Well I Wasn’t Expecting THAT.

Back in June of 2003, I was in graduate school. It was a Master of Science program with a major in nursing and designation as a nurse practitioner once I’d completed the course of study and passed a certification exam. My specialty was Women’s Health. Source Unknown, which is unfortunate. Great graphic. Let me know if it’s yours! I had… Read more →


The Story Of Me And Him.

It’s August, which means that the idiotic heat of summer will hopefully come to an end soon. It also means that it’s time, once again, to reminisce about that time I met the Mister. I call it our “Meetiversary”. It’s hokey, but hey, it’s ME!   * * * * * * * * August is a special month. It’s… Read more →


I’ll Miss You When I’m Not Around.

No, I’m not leaving the blog again. I am not going to croak anytime soon, either. I know you’re all very relieved to hear this news. I think I’ve decided to distance myself from Facebook a little more. Our relationship, in FB terms might be, “It’s Complicated”. Me and The FB have not been getting along well, and I really… Read more →


An Exercise In Monotony.

Before the kids wake up: After the kids have been up for a couple of hours: It’s like being at Disneyland. Actually, it’s like Disneyland vomited all over the place and there are less cool rides and no gift shops. And it’s in the slums of Detroit. Before we go to bed: Just call me “Sisyphus”. Read more →

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