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The current trend these days seems to be gallery walls.  I’ve seen them all over the blogs I read, and on Pinterest. I have one wall that I use for my collection of collage frames that I’ve received every year for Christmas from my brother-in-law’s family. These are my absolute favorite thing to receive every year. I have seven of them now.

I’ve been in a big conundrum with my foyer wall…it’s the first thing you see when you come into the house, and it’s never been right. I’ve tried everything…a chair, a table with a lamp and other stuff on it, a shelf with candles and stuff. A “bistro” tree (my definition of a fake plant with lights on it).


Okay, this is just saaaaaad…cute cat, though.


Just not working for me…this is where it is right now…embarrassing (because I gave up). Don’t judge, people.



So perhaps another mini-gallery/stuff wall? I think this time I’ll use some other wall decor as well…I have some cool items that might work…I wonder if I could get it to look like this:


 Nah…maybe I’m a little too optimistic…and where’s the whimsy? Who ever owns THAT house must be really serious

I don’t want to just hang whatever on a wall. It needs to have some sort of meaning. It seems that when you walk into a person’s home, the entryway (whatever it looks like) is their introduction to you, like the stuff that’s sitting/hanging around should say something about the people who live there.

I love this one (yes, from Pottery Barn):

 This is kinda cool even though some of the frames are empty…


If hubby had his way, he’d probably have neon lights and lava lamps up there…

Me? Perhaps a few pictures of our kids along with some items that are quirky and fun. Yes, I know lava lamps can be quirky and fun, but that’s not really where I’m going with this…stay with me folks…

…and yes, the wall is red. It’s just an accent wall…calm yourselves (all two of you). I like red these days. Not sure it’s going to stay that way or not…only time and my indecision will tell.

I dug out a bunch of frames that I’ve collected over the years…we’ll see what I can come up with. More on this as it develops…

Meanwhile, I’m still working on this:

I’ve completed the wainscoting and I’ll do the walls this weekend…finally! Have I mentioned that I really don’t like painting?

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